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Project Management
In any outsourced project, our first motive is to establish the most effective project management process. That is the reason why we take utmost care in assigning a project manager to a project. Maintenance of high service levels by the Project Manager is part of our commitment to service with excellence. At the same time, our process principle focuses on delivering business value by continuously adapting to a dynamic business environment and following a well defined software development project management processes. In some cases, the project manager is local to the client and works closely with the client throughout the project lifecycle. In others, we assign our expert project managers at our offshore development center to correspond with the project manager at the client side.
The very first task of the project manager is to develop a comprehensive Project Management Plan (PMP) that establishes the following:
Process Customization: Monitoring of deviation or tailoring from ROOTS’ standard Global Application Delivery Process and the reasons for such a deviation (budget, time pressure, etc.).
Communication Plan: Communication with the virtual team at the development center location, daily and weekly status reporting mechanisms, usage of instant messaging, email, video conferencing, web conferencing, telephone and other available latest communications tools.
Roles and Responsibilities: Individual job specifications for each member of the Project Team, reporting and escalation mechanisms etc.
Project Audit Plan: Regular Auditing of project checkpoints to ensure that they have been followed consistently throughout the development lifecycle. In addition to the Project Management Plan, our project managers and technical team leaders are responsible for developing, tracking, and adjusting a Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) / Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that details all the tasks to be carried out, resource assignment, milestones and deadlines for the deliverables set, and the overall phasing of the project. Based on the developed WBS, baseline risk analysis is done and communicated accordingly. Our Project plans are often developed in Microsoft Project, but our team can use other tools. At ROOTS, the Project manager takes up following responsibilities to organize the management of the project from beginning to end.
Project Baselines: Scope, cost, major milestones and timelines that must be achieved, and meeting the overall business objectives of the project.
Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP): Tools that will be used for version control, build and releases.
Change Control Process: The process of requesting changes to the scope or requirements of the project and the process for reaching a sign off by both the client and our team on each change request.
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