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Communication is a key to any business success. Unless potential clients and customers are aware of your business, they will not have the information to contact you or to purchase your products. When they are aware of your business, they must be able to contact it easily.
Two types of communication are essential - external and internal.
  • External communication reaches out to the customer to make him or her aware of your product or service and to give the customer a reason to buy. This type of communication includes your brochures, various forms of advertising, contact letters, telephone calls, Web sites and anything else that makes the public aware of what you do. Image is extremely important in external communication! Your logo should represent who you are; your letterhead should be a selling tool; your telephone message should reflect your professionalism.
  • Internal communication is essential to attract and retain a talented staff. You must provide the direction for the company by consistently communicating that message; you must motivate your staff through various forms of communication, which can include awards, newsletters, meetings, telephone calls and formal and informal discussions.
To make the software development process work, ROOTS gets past cultural barriers and defines lines of communication here for you. We understand that success of any project depends on the quality of communication between the client and their offshore development team and ensure that regular communication is established with the client. In addition, for projects with offshore delivery model, face to face communication between the client and the onshore team helps in building trust. The onshore team regularly communicates with the offshore team to seamlessly transfer the business requirements to the development team. We use web meetings (got meeting, web-ex, net meeting), instant messaging, e-mails, regular phone calls, phone calls via VOIP and video conferencing to ensure smooth communication. At the same time we can use share point server or your particular solution to document any communication related to the projects we undertake with you. In the normal course of our project life cycle, we update our clients on the ongoing project status on a weekly/ fortnightly or on an on-demand basis.
Our team can overlap time with your working hours, depending on their responsibilities; thereby ensuring that global time zone difference does not impact the project. Our facilities (development center and remote management center) can remain open 24/7 to ensure smooth functioning despite the time difference. We can use the time difference to our advantage by ensuring that the issues are resolved before you reach the office, the next day.
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