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Business Consultancy
Business Consulting & Strategy
A technology solution is only as good as its ability to generate proven, measurable business results. When technology is fully aligned with business needs and directly advancing strategic business goals only then shareholders receive a profitable return on their investment.
Proven Experience
The single most important factor in developing proven technology solutions for our clients is experience – a key differentiator that sets us apart.
Our consultants have an average of 10 or more years experience, understand the intricacies and challenges of designing, manufacturing and delivering products and services in the midst of rapidly-changing business conditions. Combined with their vendor-neutral mastery of the best available technologies and highly collaborative approach, our consultants routinely design and implement technology solutions that deliver unmatched business results.
Boosting Business Competitiveness
Our proven methodology and robust expertise will help your organization to harness the capabilities of the internet, reap the efficiencies of new technologies and accomplish more with dwindling resources.
The net result:
You will dramatically boost competitiveness by focusing on the key components of business change: the capacity for change; vision and strategy; and breakthrough engineering – the operating state that enables you to continuously translate great ideas into results.
Key Features
ROOTS’s business consulting and strategy services include:
  • Business case development
  • Business process re-engineering
  • e-Strategy development
  • Modernization blueprint development
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Organizational assessment
  • Performance measurement
  • Regulatory compliance
Our Approach to Business Consulting and Strategy
  • Our service begins with fully defining the uniqueness of your business challenge.
  • Our team will meet with your key personnel to determine goals, understand organizational needs, and identify key success factors and measures of success – everything from reviewing documentation to interviewing staff and conducting focus groups
  • The next activity depends on the nature of your engagement. This may involve developing a strategy, a business case, or a modernization blueprint. Regardless of the challenge, our professionals will design and implement the Best Total Solution – a custom solution that uniquely integrates business processes, applications and IT infrastructure to advance a specific business goal.
  • And because ROOTS’s methodologies are highly flexible, our consultants are able to step in and support your project along any stage of its life cycle. Our highly collaborative approach allows us to fulfil a wide range of consulting or technical roles, while maintaining an unwavering focus on defining the Best Total Solution that delivers maximum business results.
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